VDI Zero Client

VDI Zero Client solution provides a complete end to end desktop virtualization solution which has PC-like experience combined with much flexibility for users.

The IT administrator at the server side creates multiple virtual machines and assigns them to terminal users through the running of vPoint software. By connecting Ethernet, monitor, keyboard, mouse and other optional audio and USB peripherals to a Diana zero client, users can remotely run virtual machines that are centrally managed in the server center. Since the virtual machines are independent and isolated to each other, users will have the exact experience as they are running on a desktop computer.

SUNDE VDI solution offers more than simply a virtual desktop. Its end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions include vPoint Server Software, Diana VDI Zero Client and vPoint Client Software.

vPoint Server Software includes all the necessary components to deploy, transmit and manage virtual desktops from VirtualBox.

Diana zero client is the terminal to run the Virtual Desktop.

vPoint Client Software is a secured remote access through Windows PC, laptop or netbook, iTeam for extending Diana zero client.

Introduction of H4S

Diana zero client is a VDI client interface, which helps to access the virtual machines in the vPoint environment. Diana zero client is immensely powerful with its capability to integrate with any virtualization platform. It can run on Oracle’s VirtualBox directly, and for the other platforms like vSphere, XenServer, Hyper-V, KVM and physcial workstations, the compatibility is brought about by iTeam software that makes Diana to access virtual machines with no compatibility issues.

As a zero client, Diana has no CPU, no memory, no operating system or any external driver requirement for its server access. The basic hardware allows Diana to initiate its connection with the virtual machine; the data transfer between the server and client is facilitated by SUNDE-VDI protocol that carries high quality multimedia and graphics rich data at full frame rates. Processing is done at the server side and the output is displayed through Diana’s interface.

With the general consumption of less than 5 watts of energy, Diana offers a light-weight, durable and greener device for VDI deployment.

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